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What is the right system for my water problems?

The right product for your home is determined by testing your water, considering how many people are living in your home, understanding your normal water usage, taking into account the number of bathrooms you have, understanding the water-using appliances in your home, etc. Authorized EcoWater Pros are water treatment professionals trained to understand your family’s needs and determine the right product for your home.

What are some common home water problems?

While most homeowners may never encounter scary-sounding contaminants like toxaphene and trichloroethylene, there are several common water problems to be on the lookout for in the home:

  • Hard water
  • Iron water
  • Acid water
  • Turbidity
  • Taste and Odor
  • Contaminants

For more information on these problems, visit Diagnose Your Water.

The water from my Reverse Osmosis System has a taste to it.

Ask your EcoWater Pro about what you are experiencing. You could be due for a filter change. Or maybe something has changed with your water, and it will be better served by a different type of filter cartridge in your drinking water system. A conversation with your EcoWater Pro is your safest bet in finding a solution.

How often do the filters have to be changed?

Your authorized EcoWater Pro can talk to you about how often the filters need to be changed, based on your home’s water and your water use. Talk to your EcoWater Pro about service program options that might include routine filter replacements.

My water tastes fine. Why would I need a drinking water system?

Ordinary tap water can contain dissolved metals, such as iron or lead. It might contain chlorine, nitrates and mineral salts. Or it could have sulfates, mercury, asbestos or arsenic in it. A reverse osmosis water treatment system from EcoWater reduces more than 95% of dissolved solids, including many harmful contaminants.

I'm worried about bacteria in my drinking water. How can I be sure it's removed?

EcoWater offers a microbiological drinking water purification system that is certified to reduce 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.95% cysts, such as giardia and cryptosporidia.

The city treats my water so it's safe to drink. What more do I need?

The quality of your home’s water may meet local standards, but it might not meet your own. Reverse osmosis drinking water purification systems are usually used in the kitchen, where you are most apt to get your drinking water, and where you prepare all of your food and beverages. You need the healthiest and best tasting water available. 


Also, the methods used to treat municipal water – including chlorine – could be impacting the smell and taste of your mixed beverages and your cooking. A drinking water system provides bottled water quality, without the bottled water price paid at the store and at the recycling center.

Efficiently Run Softeners Do Not Hurt Septic Tank

A study released at WQA Aquatech USA indicates “that the use of efficiently operated water softeners improves septic tank performance, while the use of very inefficiently operated water softeners may have a negative effect on solids discharge to the drain field and the level of impact will depend on the level of hardness in the water, whether the regeneration waste is discharged to the septic tank, and the amount of excess sodium present in regeneration waste.”  


The Water Quality Research Foundation commissioned Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to conduct this independent study in 2012 which resulted in an official report, “Changes in Septic Tank Effluent Due to Water Softener Use.” Two different approaches were taken to conduct this study; one in a laboratory setting and the other looked at case studies conducted in the field.

My remote display shows question marks instead of numbers.

Make sure the water softener (or refiner) is receiving power. Assuming the softener is getting power, it might be the strength of the signal to the remote. Try moving the remote to different locations in your home. If you continue to have problems, contact your EcoWater Pro.

My water feels too soft. Can I adjust it?

No. Soft water is soft water. You cannot adjust the level of impurities being removed from the water.

I filled the salt, but the light is still blinking and the screen still says to add salt.

After filling the salt, you must set the salt level on the display screen. Note the level number along the inside wall of the salt tank. Then follow the menu instructions on your softener display screen to set the salt level number.

My softener isn't using much salt.

An EcoWater softener or refiner is very efficient, so you might not go through as much salt as another brand used. If you feel like your water isn’t soft, and the level of salt is not decreasing at all, consult your EcoWater Pro.

How do I determine the right softener for my home?

The right product for your home is determined by testing your water, considering how many people are living in your home, understanding your normal water usage, taking into account the number of bathrooms you have, understanding the water-using appliances in your home, etc. Authorized EcoWater Pros are water treatment professionals trained to understand your family’s needs and determine the right product for your home.

How does a water softener operate?

One of the biggest misconceptions about water softeners is that the salt is what softens your water.  What actually softens the water are the thousands of resin beads inside your softener that filter out hard water minerals.


  • Water softeners use a negatively charged ion exchange resin to collect the impurities from your water. The resin becomes charged when it mixes with a sodium or potassium solution. The salt in the water softener isn’t what softens the water; it is what enables the resin to collect and remove the hardness from your water.
  • The EcoWater refiner softens your water, and also removes the chlorine taste and odor, which is often a result of water treated by cities and municipalities.
  • Regeneration is the term for when the resin is being cleaned and recharged in the sodium solution.
I live in the city. Since they treat the water, does that mean my water is already soft?

Most municipalities treat water by using chlorine to kill bacteria. Some might even soften the water, but only to meet minimum requirements. That doesn’t mean it is ideal for your family.

An EcoWater Systems water refiner softens your family’s water by removing the hardness minerals and sediments that weren’t removed by the municipality, and it also removes the chlorine taste and odor.

Why does soft water make my skin feel slippery?

An EcoWater water softener system removes the impurities in your water so your skin is rinsed without hard water minerals left behind. There is no residue on your skin to trap traces of soap, dead skin cells and other particles. And no residue left behind that dries your skin. The slippery, softness you feel is exactly how clean skin is supposed to feel.


The same way that soft water eliminates water spots that dry onto your glassware and silverware, it allows your bath soaps to lather better and rinse off completely. Soaps will lather better and you’ll be able to use half as much.

What does soft water mean?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. It’s a natural result of minerals like calcium and magnesium accumulating during the water cycle, and it can happen with well water and even city water.  The more calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water, the harder the water becomes.  This is why certain cities and counties within the same state can have varying degrees of water hardness.


A water softener system treats your water at the point it enters the home. It removes these hardness impurities before the water travels through your pipes and into your water-using appliances, and before you draw water from the taps of your bathrooms and kitchen. Soft water is less than 1 gpg, whereas hard water is anything above 7gpg. Over 85% of households live in hard water areas.


EcoWater’s whole home filtration systems offers you a water softener system and reverse osmosis drinking water system, creating the healthiest water for all uses.

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Sean Jacobs
Sean Jacobs
20:31 26 Feb 24
Amazing customer service! And Pete, the technician who has... been out to us a few times over the years has been wonderfully helpful. He always goes above and beyond, works quickly and effectively, and has easily solved any issues we come across with his obviously extensive experience!read more
Susan Rabel
Susan Rabel
01:28 26 Feb 24
We LOVE our EcoWater System! We purchased and had our... system installed a few years ago - and each year we have the system serviced. The team at EcoWater is efficient and professional and placing our annual service call is super easy. This year, our service technician was Pete and he did a wonderful job ensuring our system was working properly. Thank you, Pete! And the team at EcoWater! We are customers for life!read more
Jose J Martinez
Jose J Martinez
01:00 19 Feb 24
It was a streamline process, from the sale (Joe) all the... way to the installers James Peach & Nick. James and Nick were very accommodating to my needs and made sure I was happy with the install. Keep it up!read more
MaryAnn Grizzard
MaryAnn Grizzard
12:57 16 Feb 24
Awesome!!! Tristen was Great!!
18:09 15 Feb 24
Peter did a great job in installing the eco water system... for us.read more
John Michelich
John Michelich
00:59 14 Feb 24
Joe came out and explained the features of the new system... and suggested a smaller unit for our house. He was friendly and honest about what we needed. The Costco discount was significant. Then the installers, Peach and Nick, showed up right on time and installed the new system and hauled away the old one. Peach and Nick obviously enjoy their work and made the experience fun! All in all, a great experience!read more
FM604 FM604
FM604 FM604
15:46 12 Feb 24
Great customer service right from the 1st request for... service. Timely follow up and confirmation of the appt. Technician Pete was on time, knowledgeable, and communicative. Very satisfied with Ecowater unit and service.read more
18:39 08 Feb 24
Joe is the absolute best! Can’t thank the full team enough!... Thrilled with the new system, their customer service, install, and support!read more
paula jones
paula jones
18:59 06 Feb 24
James Peach did the install of my water softener and... drinking water system on February 2, 2024. He did an excellent job. The install went smoothly. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend.read more
Kathleen Swonguer
Kathleen Swonguer
19:53 29 Jan 24
Pete was a very courteous service tech. This company is... always helpful and their techs are the best.read more
Anthony Cotoia
Anthony Cotoia
16:28 26 Jan 24
Tristin, was very informative with the install and product.... Also was on time and the install was done in a very timely fashion. I want to Thank Tristin for a great job done!!!read more
20:08 25 Jan 24
Pete came to our home today to repair our water softener.... Thankfully, he was able to find the problem right away(clog) and fixed it accordingly. He was very personable and took the time to explain the steps he was taking to clear the clog. Definitely an asset to your company.read more
David-Susan Duncan
David-Susan Duncan
02:38 25 Jan 24
Tristin Evans did a terrific job installing my water... softener. Very pleased with the product, price, and excellent installation.read more
Franz Wessels
Franz Wessels
19:17 24 Jan 24
Great experience with these guys. Professional, punctual... and experienced. Well organised and coordinated, got the job done in no time. Kudos to both Joe and James who helped us, they were great to work with and knew their products.read more
Diana Rosa
Diana Rosa
16:42 23 Jan 24
Triston Evans provided excellent service on the... installation of our new system. Very professional, informative and pleasant.Mike our salesman was also very informative not pushy and patience.read more
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